Vegan Beauty Basket March

Our March Vegan Beauty Basket with:







Special product of the month: Es-Kay Deocreams Value of the products in the Box: 65 Euro!

Vegan Beauty Basket March

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Customer Reviews

Not their best one so far Review by mostlyvegetarian
This was my first VBB, and thank goodness the April box is as amazing as it is, because the March box just left me with very mixed feelings about the whole enterprise.
The service: The box arrived around the 20th, the packaging is very cute and came with a free postcard and some magazines about vegan-lifestyle. And the end of the month, you get an email in which you can choose either smell/color/etc of a product you'll receive the next month.
The products:
1. Eskay-Deocreme: This was supposed to be the highlight of the month, and you could choose the smell. I choose the Bergamot-Rose, and it does both smell fantastic and feel great on you skin. However, It's not long-lasting, (for me it works around 5 hours before having to reapply) and it does leave your clothes smelling a lot like the deodorant. If you live in Berlin, you can refill the packaging, which is a nice extra-detail.
2. Highdroxy- Face serum: This product is a little bit scary. It comes with the warning that it should only be used if you're wearing sunscreen during the day, and since my skin is prone to sunburn, it's definitely a no-no. Weirdly enough, I think this product would have been better placed in an Autumn/Winter box, when getting a sunburn in Germany is out of question.
3. Purobio- Eyeshadow Palette: Four highly pigmented eyeshadows in blue, greenish blue, purple and gold. Nothing wrong with the quality of this one, but I wish they had gone for a more neutral toned-palette. Being brown-eyed, the only shade I can use without looking like I've peen punched in the eye is gold. I think that, like the deodorant, it would have been nice to be able to chose the colors, or just go for neutrals since the look good both in blue and brown eyes. If you're not doing like Birchbox, which asks for your eye-color, skin tone, and hair-type so that they can taylor the box to your needs, you have to go for things that would suit most people, I think.
4. Evolve Organic Beauty- Hand/body Wash & Lotion: To me this was the best thing of the box. I was having a very bad leg after-shave inch, and the cream almost immediately calmed it. It also smells deliciously like mandarine-mouse. Evolve is definitely a brand I'm looking forward to try more products from.
5. Michael Droste-Laux- Basic Bathsalts: I haven't tried this one out, but here again, risky choice since not everyone has a bathtub at home. (Although the product does say it can be used as a feet/hand-bath.)

So, in summary, this first box was a so-so for me, since I couldn't give any use to almost half of the products that came. (Posted on 4/23/2016)

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